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Avoid Paying Hefty Realtor Fees & Closing Costs. Sell Your House As-Is To a Real Estate Investor!

We Buy Houses with Cash

Are you tired of paying for a realtor to list your house? Waiting on potential buyers, paying closing costs, inspections, commissions and hidden fees can become exhausting and leave you feeling defeated. With Dashawn Buys Houses, we eliminate the need for 3rd party approvals like lenders, realtors and even inspections. We want your house, in ANY condition just as it is! Dashawn Buys Houses will offer you CASH for your home in as little as two weeks! There are ZERO fees and NO hidden agenda! Our mission is to buy your house for cash at our highest offer price!

It's Fast... Selling Your House for Cash in Gainesville

With all the pressures and obligations of selling property, we make it our mission to consolidate the proceeding and make it straightforward for you.

Our objective is to allow you a stress free process while you let us take care of the work! Allow yourself the break you deserve from the pressures of needing potential buyers. We will only offer you the highest cash offer for your home so you can have your cash in hand ASAP!

Dashawn Denson
Dashawn Denson
drew worthmann
drew worthmann
TRIPLE DDD actually helped me sell my house without realtors. It was fast and I actually saved $17,000. I would highly recommend that anyone needing to sell their house give him a call.
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Dominick Dennison
Dominick Dennison
Best place in Gainesville to sell your home fast for cash. Triple D was able to offer me a little more than I expected (and needed). I highly recommend!
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How Do I Sell My House for Cash in Gainesville, FL?

Sell Your Gainesville Home Today makes the process extremely easy for property owners looking to sell their homes very quickly. Our system involves eliminating the usage of the “middle man”. The “Middle Man”are generally in reference to financial institutions and real estate agents. With Sell Your Gainesville Home Today we don’t have any use for those because we are not reliant on inspections, approvals or third parties to purchase your home. We purchase based on the simple fact of if we want it or not. If we decide we want the home (which we do) we can close in under 30 days guaranteed!

Sell Your Home in Gainesville Fast for Cash!

We'll Buy Your House (Cash Offer)

Avoid Paying Hefty Realtor Fees & Closing Costs. Sell Your House As-Is To a Real Estate Investor!

How It Works

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Selling your house for cash is not like your orthodox process. With Dashawn Buys Houses, all we need is your property address, inspect your property and then offer a cash price at NO cost to you! The reason the process is so much quicker and simpler with us is because we purchase based on our own needs. We don’t need loans or approvals from anyone which allows us to move swiftly into the closing process. Any cleaning, repairs and deeper inspections, and renovations are done after you close so you can get your cash in hand ASAP.

If you are looking to get out of your mortgage fast and need cash for your home, Dashawn Buys Houses can get it done fast and efficiently! Realtors operate based on their commission, which in reality will come out of your pocket. You’ll end up having to pay for their fees, commission and even closing costs while waiting months for potential buyers. Dashawn Buys Houses doesn’t need buyers or commission because we are the buyer! We take on all the hard work of fixing the house, removing trash and furniture, and working with contractors to get the house back into the market!

The process of buying a home can be exhausting, confusing and taxing, which is where Dashawn Buys Houses comes into action! We take all homes, regardless of your reason for selling and offer you cash for it! Most people’s first question is, “How much will you give me for my home?”. While this is a great question, it isn’t that straightforward. Once we inspect the home we will offer you a fair cash value for it based on – condition, repairs needed, renovation etc. This allows us to fix the home, flip it and sell it, or simply keep it for us as a rental property!

Do you have a property that was left behind for you and you just aren’t sure what to do with it? Property is a wonderful asset to have that can bring you income for years to come. However, sometimes we just don’t have the time or money to invest into it due to several factors such as maintenance, repairs, renovations, inspections or even the taxes and insurance. Or maybe you’re in a remote location with not a lot of sellers or renters. Save yourself the trouble and let us buy your inherited home for CASH! Enjoy the profits of your inherited home while we take on the grueling task of fixing and reselling your home for you!

Life can sometimes be unexpected and we may run into financial issues or even personal issues that have left us unable to care for our homes any longer. If you’re looking for a way to avoid foreclosure and keep your credit intact then look no further. Dashawn Buys Houses will take on the stress of your foreclosed home so you don’t have to. Call our office today and speak with one of our amazing representatives to learn more about how we can help you avoid foreclosure today!

Whether you’re looking to declutter, make some extra money or want to cut ties with your vacant home, Dashawn Buys Houses can assist you with any situation that a property owner might have. Vacant homes sometimes bring on unnecessary stress like vandalism, fires, and even trespassers. Free yourself from these stressors and add some extra cash to your bank account by selling your home to Dashawn Buys Houses. We take on the hard work so you don’t have to! Contact us today to see what you can get for your vacant house!